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It was one of the few cities open to the rest of the world during Japan’s isolationist Edo period (1603-1868), and China has always been an important trading partner, which could explain the origin of the waffle iron. While little can be found about how the uniquely shaped waffle iron came to be, it’s hard to ignore its similarities with the hot molds used to make baby castellas. To make baby castellas, each indentation is filled to the brim, creating individual, spongy, egg shapes, whereas for gai daan zai, the indentations are intentionally left partially empty to create big pockets of air, and the batter is poured all over the iron, to create a waffle of conjoined egg shapes. Hongkongers tend to like the “eggs” to be airy and light — “super crispy on the outside, and tender inside,” says Ng. Bubble waffles in the making at Wowfulls in New York City | Eater Video Back in the day, the waffles were often purchased from push carts on the street — some were licensed, but most were not. Inflexible hawker (street cart) licensing and the gradual and constant crackdown on street food carts from the 1970s to the 2000s meant that gai daan zai almost disappeared from the city. Meanwhile, the rest of the world was being introduced to it, thanks to Hong Kong émigrés. Wong, who lived in Toronto in the early 2000s, says she would come across what she refers to as “the quintessential Hong Kong snack” in the Chinese plazas in the city’s Asian neighborhoods. In the New York Times, there was an article in the mid-’90s about Cecilia Tam, “ The Egg-Cake Lady of Mosco Street ,” who was selling her “Hong Kong egg cakes” from a simple shack in Chinatown. In 2011, one of the last gai daan zai pushcarts was forced off Hong Kong streets in a high profile arrest by local authorities, during which around 70 customers and passersby tried to defend the vendor, a man who had been making waffles for over 30 years. He was affectionately known as “Gai Daan Zai Grandpa,” and was well known for using old-school cast-iron waffle irons and charcoal grills. Current food licensing no longer permits the use of charcoal as a cooking fuel, and sellers now generally use electric irons. While the street carts are no more, gai daan zais have gradually made their way into brick-and-mortar shops, and onto restaurant menus, with a seemingly infinite number of variations. It started with some enterprising food stands changing the flavor of the batter, and later, adding fillings like chocolate chips became all the rage (a popular neighborhood stall called Mammy Pancakes can lay claim to being the first to do that, in 2012). Bo Innovation, the three Michelin-starred restaurant that serves modernist “X-treme Chinese Cuisine,” serves its gai daan zai with jamón ibérico as a bread course, and Seasons by Olivier Elzer, a French fine diner with one Michelin star, offers chocolate gai daan zai with gianduja cream at its Sunday brunch.

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